With Company response

I have been unable to STOP their annoying calls. They call once a day, as early as 6:15AM!

I do not due business with them, nor do I want too. I have continued to ask them to stop the calls to no avail. I am also on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

I can not believe any company would allow this type of conduct to go on. This is certainly not what the owners would want. I'm sure this is the fault on the sales department.

I have not been able to locate a government agency to contact, but will keep trying.

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Arriva Medical Response

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As you know, we at Arriva Medical (“Arriva”) take all issues and concerns very seriously.

We are now responding to this complaint because it has just been brought to our attention. For a more expedient response in the future, please contact us directly with complaints and concerns at 1-800-700-4442.

Arriva apologizes for any inconvenience that the phone calls may have caused. Arriva wants to stress the importance of the reorder calls every 3 months so that every patient receives the Diabetic testing supplies needed on time.

If you would like us to further address your specific account we would ask that you call in to Arriva Medical and talk with a customer service agent. The agent can make sure your concerns are properly noted on your account and further address any issues or concerns you have.

Please feel free to contact us at 800-700-4442.


If you are a Medicare beneficiary, call 1-800-MEDICARE and make a complaint.

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