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Since I went on Medicare/Medicaid I was receiving my supplies from Liberty Medical in the mail. Of course when Obamacare went into effect Liberty discontinued (or so I was told) handling any Medicare clients.

Prior to this Liberty called me about my next order and all of a sudden I receive this huge box from Arriva Medical with a new meter, lancets, test strips, etc. that I did not order. I contacted Liberty and they finally told me they don't handle Medicare accounts; how inconvenient. Today I tried to contact Arriva and finally spoke to a customer service person, who I couldn't understand, for half an hour and when I asked for the address to return the box to she hung up.

I called back and was on hold for over 45 minutes until I got frustrated and decided to go on their website to get a return address. The package will, indeed, include a letter from me stating I want to be reimbursed for the shipping price and to remove me from their customer list. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. I have Free Style meters and found out I can still get their supplies through Walgreens and other vendors.

Thank you God! A day wasted!

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Miramar, Florida, United States #688583

ObamaCare has nothing to do with competitive bid, this was in process since pres. Bush.

Liberty decided to sell to Arriva because of new business venture. Please research b4 you post.

to Patty Columbia, South Carolina, United States #688890

You are so right!! And also Liberty went bankrupt..

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