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In April of this year (2017) I received an invoice for diabetic supplies shipped in 2013, i.e., four years ago. I had no way of determining the validity of the invoice, but I paid it anyway.

Then, in June of this year, I received another invoice for the same things. I called customer service (Jen in the Philippines ... although initially she said she was located in Coral Springs, FL ... answered my call and she eventually determined that indeed the charges had already been paid.

So, not only was I billed for something that occurred four years ago, I was billed a second time after the first invoice was paid. If one reviews the SEC filings of the parent company, Alere, they will find that their annual report has been delayed because of accounting problems. No kidding!

How does their outside auditors let them get away with that? Or Medicare, for that matter?

Reason of review: Double Billing.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We at Arriva Medical take all consumer complaints and concerns very seriously, and strive to resolve them expeditiously and completely.

We would be happy to discuss any and all concerns you may have.

Please Contact Patient Care at 1- 800-700-4442. We would need some information in order to your concern.

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