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I am a dieatbeatic and my life could depend on these supplies

Is this what Obama care is going to be like Well let me tell you, we are in for it. I ordered my supplies in the very beginning of May. I still have not received them. I have called 5 times just to get the run around. I called again yesterday and asked for a supervisor she was busy on phone left number for call back, never received. I called today and angain was told supervisor was on phone. I them asked for corporate headquaters number and then a supervisor came on He had a line of bs. I never had a paroblem with Liberty. Well this is just the beginning so all you people out there that love Obama care here it is

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Arriva Medical Response

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. As you know, we at Arriva Medical take all consumer complaints and concerns very seriously.

We are only now responding to this complaint because it has just been brought to our attention. For a more expedient response in the future, please contact us directly with complaints and concerns at 1-800-700-4442.

Arriva apologizes for any inconvenience that your account’s conversion from your previous supplier over to Arriva has caused you. Arriva wants you to know that we must follow certain guidelines set by insurance agencies pertaining to the prescription in order for them to pay for your supplies. Arriva needs to obtain a fully completed and valid prescription from your physician, in Arriva’s name, in order for us to send you supplies or medications.

If you would like us to further address your specific account we would ask that you call in to Arriva Medical and talk with a customer service agent. The agent can ensure that your concerns are properly noted on your account and can specifically address your concerns.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience at 800-700-4442.


This is what conservatives do--kill you. It saves them money, after all.

Obama would rather have SP/UHC. Then all suppliers would charge the same prices for the same goods and we all would save over $400B/year on drugs alone.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #702743

Exactly correct. Lies.

Lies. Lies.

Illinois City, Illinois, United States #667635

SAME PROBLEMS!! CALLED 3x kept being told everything was settled, but arrival date kept changing with each call.

Told them explicitly that I was out of supplies, week later told another 5 days...finally I gave up, called her Doctor & now I'm getting them from CVS locally & totally covered. You just need some specific paperwork from Dr & can get them at local Rx like same day!! SCREW GOING THRU ARRIVA!!!

Liberty never gave me this much trouble, even!! :(

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